Lake Como Resort

a family nudist resort and community since 1941

Lake Como Garden Club

The garden is open to all Como residents who wants a free garden bed.  Dirt and garden bed are supplied.  There are even usually donated plants and seeds available for you to pick from.  And it is so much fun for you to decide what you want to plant in your own garden.  If you want to adopt a garden bed, please sign up on the chalk board located at the garden or contact Gerald.

We have two composters going – we are about to add a 3rd composter. Anyone is welcome to put items in the composters.  Please check the large green composter for a list of what items should and should not be included in composters.  Thanks!

We welcome visitors to the garden!  The garden is located across from the fenced dog play area by the start of the Orange Blossom Trail. Please come enjoy the view, relax in a nice outdoor environment with lots of seating, but please don’t pick anything from the garden unless you have permission of the garden bed owner.

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“Diggin’ Florida Dirt: World Naked Gardening Day gives people something to smile about”

Lake Como’s Garden Club is featured in Penny Carnathan’s April 28th gardening column in the Tampa Bay Times. Read online:

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World Naked Gardening Day:

Garden Fest April 25, 2017 photos by Andrea

Garden Fest

Saturday March 24, 2018 - 3 to 6 pm

Farmers’ Market • Arts & Crafts • Music at the West Grove garden center