Lake Como Resort

a family nudist resort and community since 1941


July 14-16, 2017

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Join the Garden of Eden Church for its weekly Sunday service at 10 a.m. in the Lake Como recreation hall.

One of my favorite advertisements says “If God wanted us to be naked He would have made us that way”. The self-evident truth of the statement is expressed with such simplicity anyone can understand the point it makes.  

Participation in a nudist lifestyle is recent for me. I cannot remember a time when I believed there was anything indecent about being nude in public. Personal participation had to wait until after retirement from more than thirty years of full time Baptist pastoral ministry. My responsibilities of helping churches and other ministers was of primary importance. An insistence on satisfying my personal nudist interests were restricted in the thinking of Paul, “If eating meat offered to idols offends then I will eat no meat”. 

When I received an email announcing the Christian Festival I immediately responded accepting the invitation to attend. Being with other Christian believers and learning what kind of people they might be aroused my curiosity. So, what did I experience? 

First in importance are the other participants. I met and listed to them talk about their faith and challenges as Christians. They were honest and sincere in their excitement of sharing their faith with others. There was a long haul truck driver who came on his BMW motorcycle; a music teacher with a seminary education who gives lessons on five or six instruments to private students; a couple who own an apartment in a different nudist resort and have begun working with management that has approved space for beginning worship services; another retired minister and a young minister searching for a place of ministry.  These are but a few of the personal stories that can be told. 

Second in importance were the hours I spent walking trails and spending time with my own meditations and thought. 

The festival was well organized. The planning committee did an excellent job being prepared, including alternatives determined by weather and attendance.  It was a very good first time experience and I hope another will be planned for the coming year.


Morris from Arizona

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